Credit Card Synch and Balance Issues

I dutifully categorize all my transactions:  however, there is almost always far less in the account  as green thnt is due in reality.  I see all the transactions, but one issue is the sync dates are usually a week off.  So the balances in my virtual "envelopes" are way off, and I just have to reconcile and write off large sums.


This is just not acceptable - the whole point of this is that the money is moved from the virtual envelope to the credit card holding tank...making it available for the payment.

Further, one day of lag time is OK, but not many days or a week.  My whole family uses credit cards almost entirely for security reasons.

Is there any way to mitigate these problems?  I'm afraid I may need to find a different tool and I've invested so much time in this already...

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  • When you started using ynab did you budget fir any credit card balances that were outstanding on the credit card?

  • Recommended practice is to manually enter transactions to avoid categories being "way off" due to import delays (among other benefits). Import has always been intended as an aid to reconciliation.

    The issue of the CC Payment Available being short of your payment is not an account/transaction issue. That is a budget issue, typically caused by failing to reserve funds to pay off the pre-YNAB purchases, as satcook mentioned. The other common cause is yellow overspending, since YNAB can't move cash to the payment if there's not any available in the spending category. The remedy is to move funds to make it cover the payment (or entire account balance if you consider this a "paid-in-full" card).

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