How to move an account from budget savings to tracking savings

When I first entered my son's 529 account into YNAB, I didn't understand how the two kinds of savings accounts differed. How do I simply move the account from one category to the other? 

(I considered creating a new account and transferring, but maybe there is an easier way?)

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  • That is the easy way. 🙂

    The other option is to create a new account, move all the transactions, then recategorize all the uncategorized transactions this creates. (Money leaving the budget needs a category.) More work, but cleaner.

  • I think creating a new tracking account, transferring the money from the budget account, and then closing the budget account is the way to go. Let me know if you run into any trouble, though.

  • This worked. Thank you! (No transactions yet in this account.)

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