My cash balance is off!

Hi all - I am in the Uk and still using YNAB 4 until it falls over... I have a 'cash' budget account which got used alot while I was doing building work (I also use it for the dog walker, at home hairdresser , cash bung for daughter etc and I always categorise - OF COURSE I DO!). When the music stopped on a £60k building project it was....wait for it...£65 off. I know, I know... I want to get it to match the amount of cash I actually have in the house exactly now though. How do I just reduce my Cash account by £65 without putting that to a category? Sorry if this is an obvious and dumb question but I cant seem to find the answer... thank you :)

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  • You can’t. Well if you do a reconciliation adjustment, it will impact your ATB, but that’s like a category. If your cash account is off by 65, then so is your budget, so it needs to reflect that. 

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  • I would just chalk it up to the most likely category.

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