Fidelity 2% cash back credit card-does it connect to YNAB without any issues?

I use cash back credit cards for all my spending now, the YNAB way of course.  (Don't tell Dave Ramsey, he'd yell at me...)  No CC float for me!  Anyways, I have a Citi double card that my fiance and I share for joint expenses and I use my Paypal 2% cash back card for my personal expenses.  But it doesn't connect to YNAB so I have to enter my transactions manually, which I do anyways so it hasn't been an issue so far.  But with the new pending transactions feature I'm hoping I can use that and avoid entering things manually quite so often, since transactions show up in pending really quickly in my experience.

It looks like Fidelity has a Visa with 2% cash back and it will deposit my cash back into my Fidelity account so I can use it to invest if I want to.  Does anyone have that card?  Does it connect to YNAB without any issues?  If it doesn't connect to YNAB I'll keep using my Paypal card, but if it does, it will be worth unfreezing my credit from the credit bureaus and applying for it, now that the pending transactions feature in YNAB make it so easy to not have to enter transactions manually.


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