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Super frustrated with YNAB this morning.  The way it presents spending activity for a particular budget category is maddeningly unhelpful.  I frequently want to know how much I've actually spent for a category.  Not too much to ask, right?  It's NOWHERE in YNAB.  

YNAB tells my the activity for an envelop is "-44.94".  OK.  How much have I actually spent in that envelope?  If I drill in to the activity list for that category I get a tiny little pop up window that I have to scroll up and down in... but there's still no simple total of outflows and inflows for that category.  Try copying the table and pasting in to Excel?  Nope.  It pastes as linear text.  To find out that I've actually spent $895.47 in this category I had to export the entire YNAB register, open in Excel, filter for the category and add it up there.  INSANELY bad user experience.  

This screen shown above should tell me that there is been $895.47 of expenses and $870.00 in inflows.  For the sake of my sanity and for common sense... please add this YNAB.  Please.

This same data is also absent in the Reports section of YNAB.  In general, the reports section of YNAB is useless.  It only offers a few functions none of which serve any useful purpose.  

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  • I agree that reporting is not YNAB's strength but don't find all of it useless.  I use the income v expense report frequently and find it very useful.  To address your need to see all spending in a category, have you tried searching in the All Accounts view?  Type the category name in the search field and one of the drop down options will be to find that search term in categories.  That will give you all spending for that category.  If you've already tried that then no problem but you didn't mention it.

  • If you're entering an Inflow into the category it's always going to offset the amount spent.  I see what you're saying, but if you have a category that has a large amount of both inflows AND outflows, like reimbursements or something, you might just have to make a separate account (Tracking, maybe) for those transactions so you can filter them there.

  • JoelKelley Thanks for this feedback - I really like the thought of having outflow/inflow totals separated, and can see how this would come in handy! If you haven't already, would you be up for submitting a feature request? Our product team would love to hear this, too! 

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