Can someone help me understand why I have a positve payment amount in credit card?

For the month-end reconciling I adjust all my budget and categories. All my accounts in ynab match exactly to my bank accounts. But I see a $56 payment in my credit card which I have no clue as to why it is there? 

A little history, I started ynab this month half the way and synced all my accounts. My transaction matches perfectly. My accounts are all perfectly synced. 

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  • That is the money sitting in your checking account (or other account), reserved and ready to pay your credit card when you make your next payment. 

    Say you budget $50 to groceries. You buy $30 of groceries on the credit card. That money hasn't left your checking account yet, so YNAB helpfully moves the $30 from the grocery category to the credit card payment category. Then you have $20 left in groceries. 

    You can see the credit card payment category both from the budget screen as well as that top bubble on the credit card register. 

    Users who have Paid In Full status (PIF) have their credit card payment category available amount equal to the working balance of the card. The only difference is that the working balance is a negative number while the CC payment available is a positive number. 

    Does that help?

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  • Hi rahul ! Move Light Sound Life is spot on. For a deeper dive, check out our Master Credit Cards with Your Budget workshop. 

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