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I’ve been using YNAB for about 8 months. Recently I went back and started reconciling some accounts and came a across a large surplus in my checking account. I zero balance my budget every time I get paid and move money to a savings account and track that as well. Both of my cc are paid biweekly. I spent several hours yesterday trying to find where I went wrong and can’t seem to find an error. Any suggestions? 

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  • Hi  Slate Gray Horn ! Ah, yes. Incorrect balances can be tricky indeed! If you looked through and you couldn't find and missing transactions to make up for the discrepancy, it could be that your Starting Balance was off or, when reconciling, the wrong balance was used––like using the Working Balance (often called the Available Balance, which includes pending charges) rather than the Cleared Balance (which does not include pending charges).

    It sounds like you might benefit from having our Support team take a look, so I'd recommend getting in contact through your budget. You can contact the team through your budget, via email or live chat (if it's available) and they can take a look at your budget to help you figure out what happened and how to move forward!

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