Family Plan

Hi there, 

Wondering if this is available or a potential for an upgrade at some point. 

I've got a set of 15 year olds who are interested in getting their first jobs. They'll both be working next summer. 

I'd love them both to have a budget, but I don't want them to have access to mine. Could you imagine 馃え

Would love to see the ability, like Xbox, Apple family sharing etc. Where there is adult oversight but they'd each have their own budgets. 

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  • Hi Sky Blue Trombone ! I love that you want to get your kids started on a budget. 馃槉


    We are actively looking into a multi-user budget option, but I don't have a specific timeline to share around when this will happen or even how it will happen as it's still in the works. On another thread, Matthew gave some tips for how he's set up his teen on his YNAB account in a way that has them in their own budget as opposed to his main budget. While it's not exactly what you might be looking for, it's an option!

  • Are there any updates on this?   

    I kind of assume with all the discussions about pricing that this likely came up.

    I had purchased YNAB memberships for my kids when they went to university.  The last guy starts Sept 2022.   Although it was expensive for them at full price x 2, my membership was inexpensive since I had been a YNAB4 user.   However with the price increase I am questioning the value of $300 US soon to be $400 when the last guy heads off which would be $500 Canadian!  Also we cannot import so there is that.

    Two out of three of the kids have used their free year.  I've cancelled the kids memberships today. 

    I love YNAB but for my kids who have very limited items on their list - it is really a bit more than they need at that price.  I had wanted them to get into the habit of tracking (manual) and understanding where their money goes.  I still think I will continue with YNAB but not sure....

    • canadian160 Hi, there! Thanks for sharing your experience. I've reached out to the team working on this feature and asked that they send you a note. Keep an eye on your email for a message from us.

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