"New Targets - maintain "old" targets?

Greetings, YNABers!


So, I am the guy that seems to ask the seemingly easy question but often find that said easy question is ripe with difficulty upon actually executing it (vs. the theory....).  So, I did not find any answers via the search function so I bring the question to y'all:


Let's use the recent increase in price for YNAB as the example!


In my current budget, I have a target for YNAB for the $84 (for the last year).  Obviously, there is now a need to update that amount.


How does one implement a new target for my YNAB subscription without removing the old target from the history?


Meaning, if I click on the month June, 2021 and July, 2021 and August, 2021 I will see the 
$7/month target but, moving forward with the "new" information for January, 2022 and February, 2022 I will see the $8.25/month target?


Please note that I have not played with this (as when I do I typically muck things up)!


Thank you all!

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  • From my experience, when you change the target, all of the old history is gone. I am changing a different target for January. I went into January and updated it. All of the previous months has the target removed completely. 

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    • MadDog Kinda love your handle.  When I was a kid, all those many many years ago, there was a kid who moved to SoCal from Chicago.  We called him "Mad Dog".  Same kid is now a DA in the State of Illinois.  Thanks for all the flood of memories.  Now, to YNAB.  That is mostly what I expected (and using the word 'expected' very specifically and intentionally here).  Thank you for confirming what I thought.

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      FitDudeInThe336 Thanks! I got it from a trainer that I did a fitness class with. I made some really good gains and was pushing the envelope. It is cool that it brought back memories for you.

  • Yes, your old history disappears. This makes sense if you think about it from a budgeting perspective (one that I'm afraid is being lost now with the new onboarding procedure--using targets to bootstrap people out of the other budgeting mindset is helpful only to a point). The targets exist to aid in your budgeting in any given month, but YNAB is not a "did you stay below your budget? No? Naughty you!" kind of budget. Once you've allocated money in a previous month, what you intended to allocate there originally is wholly irrelevant--the only thing that matters to your future budgeting is what you spent. 

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    • WordTenor It makes 100% total sense.  But.....

      I am the guy that likes perspective and likes to measure 'change' and to see 'progress' first hand.  So, while I agree 100% and understand 100% it would be nice (key word....neither necessary nor required...and possibly not even helpful to the masses) for people like me to be able to retain the old targets.  But all good.

      Thank you for a most complete answer.  I am also the guy that really strives to understand the 'why' behind the answer (often, depending on context, the answer is of little to no interest/value to me....how one arrived there is).

  • Short answer; it is not possible. YNAB was not built with that in mind. It totally is something that could exist, and it might change in the future, but really that would not fit the current software design...

    I get that you seek out this kind of history in order to do a retrospective. But the envelop budgeting mindset really just considers what you actually assigned and spent last month. If you did not assign the same amount as your target; it will adjust accordingly depending on the type of target you used (increase amount required next month to make sure you reach your goal in time or decrease it if you went faster than planned). If your target changed, then it does not really matter what was in the past; your goal changed and the target needs to fit it now. What do you currently have in the envelope + what/how will you back it up in the future to meet your goal? Eyes forward.
    That's my opinion only, but if you get bugged on ''why could I not assign the target last month''. You miss what is really important: what envelop do I prioritize with this new money ''To be Assigned''.

    While YNAB is but a tool to help you, and you can use it as you see fit; it was built with a specific framework in mind and when you try to go out of it, then we just have to deal with that kind of ''little thing'' that just not fit what we would prefer.

    A traditional budgeting software might be a better fit for you if that is really important.

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