More Money in My Budget Than Is Assigned

I have my categories sectioned by the account they come out of. 

The goal is to have bills coming out of one account and other expenses coming from another account. 

I have hit a point where the sum of all of my categories is less than what is in my budget.

For example, in one section "living expenses" I have $40 left budgeted because all other categories have been paid. However, that account has more money in it than 40 dollars. 

This has also happened with my other "play expenses" account. The categories in that account section labeled "play" equal an amount less than what is in the account. 

I also have no money in "ready to assign". I cannot figure this one out!   

Anyone have any experience with this?

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  • Also, the amounts in my YNAB accounts match my bank accounts and there are no pending transactions. 

  • Hey Silver Thunder ! Two things:

    1. The cash in your budget is inextricably linked to the cash in your accounts. You can see how this works in doing a Budget Audit.
    2. Having accounts linked to specific categories makes YNAB complicated and confusing. I love how Hannah outlines this in this video: How to Level Up Your Savings. Even though you've organized your accounts differently (i.e living vs play as opposed to checking vs savings, as in the video), I think it will help!

    Let me know if that helps to clarify! You'll need to adjust the budget side of things to match your priorities.

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