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I was cruising reddit today and I think that this is the first time I have ever seen this specific explanation of why the needed for spending target is configured the way it is. Maybe I missed it elsewhere but for the first time it actually makes sense...perhaps this should be included in the documentation. (I am too lazy to go see if it is there right now.....)



5 hr. agoYNAB Community Manager

Yes, that's exactly right. We could either change the target in January now or wait until the first of the month. If we change it now, the risk is you might end up setting aside too little. If we wait until the first of January, the risk is you might end up setting aside too much. We had to make a trade-off and we thought it was better to do the latter. But the downside is it's not immediately intuitive right now. ~BenB

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  • Ooo, thanks for pointing this out! Ben is a master of phrasing. I think that statement sums up well what Alan posted in this thread a while back, but I don't know that it's in our official external documentation surrounding Targets. I'll do some digging and see if there's anywhere I could request that a similar note of explanation could be added 馃槉

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  • A true template would make this a non-issue, because the user could select the proper logic when applying the template. 

    I've said this before on here and in feature requests. 

    Just because there are reasons behind the choice (and I admit that this is way better than "people would get confused otherwise") doesn't mean that they're good reasons. I would say that such targets undermine the person who is a month ahead and would like to assign money for the next money in the weekend prior to the first. Which is, IMO, the state we're all shooting for, right?

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