A widget for desktop?

Is there a way to have an easy-to-view widget on a desktop Mac? I love the widget on the IOS version. Anything similar to that or to "Allowance" but for desktop? I'm helping my 93 yo mother with her finances; she's finally (!) gotten to a point where she doesn't trust her math in her old-fashioned check register. I'm happy about this since she doesn't do a good job of keeping track of debit card purchases. But viewing the full-on version is a bit much. 



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  • So I found "Bar for YNAB" This seems to help, or would, but I can't figure out how to make it work. Any help out here in YNAB support-land...?

    • Slate Blue Grizzly -I love that you're finding the best way to support your mom! We don't have any built-in desktop widgets, but that is a great feature request - I hope you'll consider submitting your thoughts to get them into the hands of our product team!

      We didn't create Bar for YNAB, so we don't officially support it - you'll need to check in with the developers if you're having issues.

      One thing that might help would be to heavily customize the categories, and collapse all groups that she doesn't need to look at. Pull the group that she does to the very top of the budget screen.

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      Marisa Hi and thanks so much for your answer.

      Yes, I reached out to the developer of that "Bar for YNAB" app; I remember encountering an issue with "Allowance" because of some change on the YNAB side, so perhaps this may be the reason why this app is not working properly?

      Until there is some sort of widget for a desktop, I decided to do what you suggested: there are only two categories I want my mother to be aware of, and I've moved those to the top. I like what you suggest and will hide everything else.

      I'll go to the feature request and submit that. Thanks for that suggestion!

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