Assigning money to no category

I have two savings accounts, one is used to hold money in reserve, the other is a working account where day-to-day transactions are managed. At beginning of December I transferred $5k from the holding account to the working account to cover this month's expenses. As far as the working account goes, this is categorised as 'ready to assign'. But how do I categorise the outflow from the holding account, which currently has it as 'unassigned'?

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  • The only time you have to categorise a transfer is when one account is on budget and one is off budget.

    In that case categorising it as ready to assign is perfectly normal. However, the transactions are linked so there's no way to have different categories in either account. In fact, looking at my off budget accounts right now, there isn't even a category field. 


    Perhaps you have made a mistake with "how" you have represented this transfer? Could you show us some screenshots?

  • D'oh! I had  the wrong entry in the Payee field, when I changed it to 'transfer from/to' then, of course, the problem went away. 

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