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I apologize if this is a duplication, I did search the forums but didn't find the specific answer I was looking for.

Basically, Love YNAB, but I'm having issues with CIBC syncing which I've reached my boiling point with, SO! my question for the Canadian contingency out there is what Banks are you using and are they working? (ie syncing) on their own and without you having to completely reconnect and re-link the accounts every day?

I'm more then happy go through the process of swapping Banks to keep YNAB but I'm not moving to another Bank that gives me the same issue.

Thank you in advanced and Happy Holidays!

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  • Have had an interesting experience. Scotia and RBC have issues but my ATB (Alberta Treasury Branch - credit union) has no issue. I rely on manual input and then use the sync to catch things that I miss. When it works. 

  • Simplii works great! Scotia visa is ok but has a big lag in posting but not having very many issues with connecting. CIBC and MBNA are the worst. Tangerine seems ok but I don’t have many transactions running through there. Our main activity is simplii for banking like preauthorized payments and direct deposits. Scotiabank visa momentum for pretty much everything we buy. BMO MasterCard for Costco since they don’t accept visa. 

  • TD Canada Trust syncs around twice a week on average, the rest of the time it shows the wrench 🔧 because syncing is failing. The good news is there's no reconnecting or re-linking needed: the problems resolve on their own. That said, I often find myself entering transactions manually just to keep things up to date.

    The syncing capability was one of the ways I talked myself into paying YNAB's high subscription fee; however, syncing has turned out to be almost useless. Like everyone else, I keep hoping it gets better. There's no technological reason it shouldn't! 🤞

  • Hey Cadet Blue Hail ! Thanks for writing into Support. Our team will check on that CIBC connection and get back to you soon!

    For anyone experiencing connection troubles, I'd encourage you to report a Bank Importing Issue and our Direct Import team is happy to investigate. We have a few tricks up our sleeves and work with multiple providers, so we can research the best fit for your mix of financial institutions.

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