Ready to Assign - Dec - makes Jan over assigned?

I show Dec as $99.23 need to Assign, but when I assign it, it makes January Budgeted more than I have.


1.  I assign $99.32 to miscellaneous in Dec2021

2.  Go to January and I have assigned more than I have.


I don't understand that?

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  • Hi, Dutch! It's probable you have cash overspending in December. When you assign the money from Ready to Assign in December and it becomes $0, when January comes around the cash overspending is deducted from Ready to Assign in the new month.

    If you want us to take a look to see if this is the reason (or anything else is afoot!), you can enable Support Access for your account and reach out to our support team right from your budget so we can suss out what's going on.

    No matter the reason, though: In January, you want to be sure Ready to Assign is $0. Reduce the money you have assigned in categories this month until Ready to Assign is no longer negative.

    We don't recommend going back in time to make changes to past budget months, as it can create confusion and cascading changes like this in the current month. So, alternately, you can leave the $99.32 in Ready to Assign in December! ;)

  • Dela   THANK YOU for your message.  I enabled support access.  

    and YES, I do have $0 ready to assign for January.  I am good there.

    • Dutch I see you're working with Amanda in support - I know she'll get back to you soon. 👍You can let us know either here, or there via email if you have any further questions. 

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    You have $99.23 of cash overspending in December. 

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  • I am having the exact same problem, Jan to Feb.  Ready to assign in Jan, so I assigned to Unexpected category, but then showing as underfunded in February.

    • Gray Clarinet I'm sure we can figure it out! Let's first have you check for overspending in January first - that's the most likely culprit. Be sure to check hidden categories, too! 

      If that doesn't seem to explain what you're seeing, I'd be happy to take a closer look! If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead 👍🏻

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