ynab all future scheduled transactions for the year not showing up

YNAB(or toolkit) has an excellent feature of Running Balance. This gives an great uber level overview of how much balance I need to finish my yearly obligations overall.

However, I could just see NEXT scheduled transaction, but not the ones after that

How are other folks managing or reviewing running balance if they scan for an entire year overview, instead of just current month?

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  • I don't need to look out past about a month. I know money will be Available -- somewhere in my accounts -- because I'm saving as I go along. It doesn't need to be in my checking account until shortly before the expense occurs (and typically not until 4-7 weeks after that since I put most things on a paid-in-full credit card).

    The running balance merely tells me whether I can move money into a higher rate account or not.

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    If something happens more than once a month and you want to make sure you can see an accurate running balance for a month, schedule multiple "alternating" transactions. For example, if something occurs every 2 weeks, create 2 transactions that recur every 4 weeks and schedule them 2 weeks apart.

    Otherwise, as dakinemaui points out, you really don't need to see that far into the future for determining the needs of the account.

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