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Hey there. I have credit card payemnts, house payments, utility payments, etc. I have each of their accounts set up, i have recurring transactions setup to pay them (for instance a recurring transation to pay my credit card bill out of my checking account once per month)... My problem is from time to time, I mess with the recurring payment and in at least one occurence, I actually deleted it. My thought was this:

If I have through my list of accounts the ability to turn on a "this account has a payment associated with it" flag, and the ability to create a "payments" list with all the different folks I make a payment to it would enable ynab to have a feature to keep a report available indicating all of the payments i have recurring along with their current status of having a payment set up or not. for instance the report might look like this:

credit card 1                    Payment set for March 23 in the amount of $34

house payment                Payment set for March 1 in the amount of $1200

Cell phone bill                NO PAYMENT CURRENTLY SCHEDULED!!!


essentially letting me see all of my accounts and in particular whether I don't have a ynab transaction set up for them. 

I know i can see the all acounts and see my checking acoutn with future transactions, but if i screwed up and deleted the transaction, it wouldn't show up and i may not know it. I don't think this feature exists, please let me know if it does, otherwise please consider this as a feature request. 

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  • Do you mean categories?

    In the budget view, if you click on the category, the inspector on the right will show if there are any upcoming, scheduled transactions as well as their total.

    If you use the Toolkit (available for Chrome or Firefox), you can choose to use an indicator that shows the amounts of any upcoming, scheduled transactions right next to the activity column in the budget screen.  That's probably as close to a list as you'll get, but it's all on the same screen.  Try it out - it might be exactly what you want.

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  • I've been looking at the functions mentioned above, it doesn't quite meet what I'm thinking. Short version is a list of bills coming up and a confirmation that I have each one scheduled somewhere. I like the toolkit functionality!

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