General Forum FAQs

Thanks for joining the YNAB Forum community! We’re glad you’re here. If you’re starting off with some questions, well, we just might have the answer below!


How do I access the Forum?

You can access the Support Forum by visiting Bookmark that link to visit whenever you’d like!

What’s up with the categories?

Even the Forum needs a little Marie Kondo-ing! ;) Here are some tips on navigating:

  • If you have a question about using YNAB, post in the Q&A category group. You’re sure to get an answer there! Even after your Q gets an A, be sure to write back if you need more clarity.

  • The Community category group is a place for discussions. Chat with other YNABers, journal about your budget, and share epic vacation pictures there!

See the Categories, Threads & Notifications, and Managing Posts & Attachments FAQs for tips on making the most of the Forum.

What’s up with my weird username? 

Wait… you don’t feel like a Turquoise Penguin? ;)  Seriously, though—to provide anonymity, you’re assigned a (weird, wild, and very) random username when you join the Forum. See the Usernames FAQ for how to change it to something you’d prefer!

I don’t understand the jargon!

If you come across a phrase or word that flies over your head, or you’re just wondering what in the heck a word in the YNAB app means, check out our Forum Glossary.

How do I use private messages?

To enable or disable private messages, click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Notification Settings. You can change your settings in the Messaging section.

If unchecked, other Forum users can send you a private message. Click the checkbox to turn off the messaging feature.

When enabled, you’ll see a chat icon in the Forum header. Click the icon and select Go to Messages to view or send notes to your fellow YNABers!

Why can’t I send a private message to folks in support?

If you need one-on-one support with your budget, please reach out to us from the app by clicking the question mark in the bottom right, or send an email to [email protected]. We’re happy to help!

For questions specific to the Forum, you can reach out to Nicole by private message.

How do I handle problematic or offensive posts?

You’ll find details on how to report issues in our Community Guide.

How should I think about my own privacy while using the Forum?

When you post in the Forum, you’re sharing information in a moderated space that requires registration to use. However, posts in the Forum are accessible through search engines. You should stay mindful of what information you do and do not share in the Forum. Think of it as social media—would you share your full name, location, and all of your budget details on Instabook? ;) If not, we don’t recommend doing so here.

Would someone from YNAB Support email me based on something I posted in the Forum?

From time to time, YNAB Support will pop into a thread and suggest one-on-one support via email—especially if you’re dealing with a bug, Direct Import, or a complicated budget question. We’ll let you know that we’re reaching out. A YNAB team member would never need or ask for your personal details, banking credentials, or password.

I can’t access the Forum!

If you can’t access the Forum at all, clear your browser cookies and confirm you’re signed in through your YNAB account. If that doesn’t work, You can reach out to our support team right from your budget, like this or email us at [email protected]. Our team will get it sorted out!

...wait! How are you reading this?!

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