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A few months ago I purchased something on my cc and reconciled said cc. Recently was looking at my cc and noticed the charge pop up again. I hadn't ordered anything from the vendor so checked my account on their website and compared it to the charges for that vendor on the cc. The transaction amounts matched but to my surprise the charge from a few months ago was not listed in the search on the cc website or when I checked the statement for that time period. (I had another charge that took a while to appear a shortly before from the same vendor, so I knew about the problem but this is also why I'm sure this particular charge was processed.)

So I added a credit back to the category to my credit card account to offset the mistaken original charge. However, this credit has screwed up my reconciliation and I can't figure out how to offset the incorrect charge and reconcile at the same time. 

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi, there! It sounds like when you reconciled your credit card account a few months ago, an erroneous charge was included and you just realized it. Is that the case? To get things back on track quickly:

    1. Remove the "credit" you added to the category this month
    2. Delete the original, erroneous transaction
    3. Reconcile your credit card account and, if the cleared balance is off, enter a Reconciliation Balance Adjustment
    4. Check your Credit Card Payment category to ensure you have enough Available to cover your next payment

  • Hi Dela,

    The only problem with your resolution is that original, erroneous transaction has been reconciled, so doing what you suggested is guaranteed to throw off my reconciliation and cause me to enter a reconciliation adjustment.

    What I don't understand is why my reconciliation has been accurate for months with this incorrect transaction.


    • aohara Hey Anna - I see what you mean! At the end of the day, we want the cleared balance in YNAB to match reality. That might mean there's a few ways to get back to a fully reconciled state: deleting the old transaction and re-entering the more recent one, or creating a Reconciliation Balance Adjustment.

      As long as your cleared balance matches up with your CC's cleared balance at the end of the day, you should be smooth sailing moving forward! 

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