Is there any way to get historic data from a specific date?

Mainly, I would like to get total of bank balances on 16th September 2021, for example.  

The reports seem to just give this just for the 1st of the month.  



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    The reports run monthly. 

    What are you trying to determine / what is your use case for this? Perhaps we can help you figure out how to do the underlying thing you are trying to do. 

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  • You can search before and after given dates in the account registers.

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  • Perhaps look at the last reconciled balance near that date and then go to your actual bank web site and add in the transactions that cleared as of the actual date.

  • Gold Hail I'm also interested in hearing a bit more about your end goal here!

    It's not the slickest, but if it's helpful: you can enable the running balance in your account register and reference that next to the most recent transaction from 9/16.

    If you want to export data up to that point, you can select from your starting balance up to that same transaction and do that, too! 

  • Hi, thanks for the replies.   The use case is that I want to track my accounts daily in a separate spreadsheet which I have actually set up into a scoreboard for myself.  For me it is a key metric I am using for a goal, so I want to track it daily.  Ideally, I want to know when I am making real progress, and to me it seems the easiest way to actually do that is to track the total, or even better, a budget.  Problem is that if I forget to enter my data for the day, and go back to enter it the next day or a few days later, it is no longer in YNAB.  

    THe running balance is very useful though for reconciliations.  Thanks again

  • I think the Toolkit has a balance over time report that *might* give you what you're looking for.

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