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I am new to APIs and anything in the realm of integration, but been using YNAB for a while and love it. I created a dakboard for my family and would love to have YNAB be a part of it.  Has anyone thought of or know how to use existing API uses to allow me to show ynab budget data on my dakboard. I can have a tile be a website, but it wouldnt connect/login to YNAB. I couldnt get that to work, but thought about the share for ynab or ytistic . DakBoard lets you add "widgets" and asks for hmtl/java code, and there is also a data tile which excepts json. But my brain is too old and dumb to make any sense of this...Any pointers/tips? Anyone else thought of or tried something that worked? Willing to learn and struggle a bit if someone can point in right direction.

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  • I've had some ideas to show guages of how much money i have left in certain categories. Ive got several categories for each week of the month for Spending money (pocket money that i can spend on what ever takes my fancy). Week 1, Week2... The downside is that the API for YNAB returnss the value in an unuseble format. For example, £11.81 remaining in Week X has a value in the API of 11810 - what's with the extra 0! So when i use the gauge feature in Dakboard to fetch data from the {"budgeted"} key, it makes it look like i have £11810 remainig for the week (i wish!!).

  • I also got dakboard to connect via api to try similar things but am also stuck with the extra zeroes. Everything is off by a factor of 1000 for me. Can’t change it no matter what I do. 

  • I asked support. The API documention says "Currency amounts returned from the API—such as account balance, category balance, and transaction amounts— use a format we call "milliunits". Milliunits is why it's out. Should be away to configure the returned value. Dakboard won't do any calulations to get it in to a normal number :( I did think about using AWS API gateway and lambda functions to do it, but it's so overkill.

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