Green to be budgeted for past months, negative balances in current month?


I recently moved some money in and out of my bank accounts to investments.  It seemed to mess up my balances and I had to reconcile after trying to get the amounts to match.


Now my YNAB is showing large green to be budgeted amounts in past months, but red over budgeted amounts for the current one. The to be budgeted amount is not rolling over. None of my budget items are red - only orange at worst. The money coming in this month is not appearing in my to be budgeted for this basically my budget doesn't make sense anymore.

What gives?



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  • Ignore future money as YNAB will not add it to the budget until it lands in your bank account. YNAB doesn't care if you got paid the same amount every fortnight for the past 93 years, it doesn't count until it arrives. 


    Now, on to the TBB amount. Essentially you can ignore the past if you want to. Sometimes it is easier this way if you have had an issue for a long time. I personally don't but it might be easier to fix the current month if we do ignore it. 


    If your TBB for June is negative then you have budgeted more money than you have. It must be budgeted somewhere in your budget so you can take it from other categories until TBB gets back up to 0 if you wish. 

    If you explain how you handle the investment money in YNAB it might clear up the confusion. Do you move it to an investment account that is reflected in YNAB. If yes is it on or off budget?

  • It sounds like you have an overspent category in may?  Is that correct?

  • Sheena I'll echo SgtBatten here that time traveling in your budget can be more trouble than it's worth. That said, we can definitely get this sorted out from today! The two most important things to do are:

    -Reconcile all of your accounts (it sounds like you may have already done this bit!) 
    -Move money until To be Budgeted back to zero. 

    And if you're still feeling suspicious of your budget numbers after those two things are done, let us know (walking through this budget audit may help, too)!

    If that's the case and you’re up for it, you can go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead. We'll be here for you! 

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      Rachel Thanks to everyone who replied! Rachel I've gone ahead and enabled support. I'm so confused! I believe part of the problem is that my investment amounts went into my savings (and thus I had to budget it) and then it went off-budget into another account.  Perhaps one of those transactions wasn't saved and there's a debt somewhere. But I would very much appreciate you looking into it.

    • Hi, Sheena ! I jumped in for Rachel on this one and took a look at your budget. Check your email for a personalized response. :)

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