Underfunded is Greater than Amount Needed to Satisfy All Categories

When I select all Categories, my Underfunded for May is $3324.26. It scared me because that far exceeds my remaining income for the month. Since there was no way to see just a list of what was underfunded, I created a spreadsheet in Excel. I added every Category, and then I went through and added all the funding goals that were incomplete. I came up with $1883.83.  I am carrying some new CC debt, but even if I add that to the amount in Excel, it doesn't come close to the $3324.26. 

I checked my Hidden Categories, there are no goals there. I checked my Archived Category, there is no goal there. I've been Rolling with the Punches lately, but all of my funding goals have adjusted for the shortened timeline. I also have CC's that have a balance, but are completely funded.

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  • Hello, Salmon Storm !

    Because most goal type are based on the Budgeted column, if you've moved money out of a category in the current month, the goal expects you to put back any money you took out and fund it up to the expected amount this month. My guess is that that might be what's going on here.

    However, a goal is just a reminder—if you're happy with how your categories sit this month, you can ignore any goal prodding you in a different direction. And if you'd like me to take a look and let you know exactly why Underfunded is adding up to what it is, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead.

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    • Matthew  thank you for the quick response. I understand what you are saying. Is there a way to "reset" the Underfunded amount so that it reflects only what is due to top complete my goal for the month? If not, will Underfunded just keep rolling forward and adding more and more, or does it reset monthly?

    • Salmon Storm It depends a bit on what type of goal you're using. Is this a Needed for Spending goal or a Target Savings Balance goal?

    • Matthew I enabled support access. Would you take a look, and help me out? I would like to know how to not get in this situation again if possible. Thanks!

    • Salmon Storm Just sent you an email!

  • I agree there’s a lack of transparency with the global underfunded goals.  What I’ve done, is in the web app, just hit Underfunded, look at what it reports it’s trying to, or did fund, and then Undo.  But perhaps if you don’t have the amount TBB it’ll hit a roadblock. :(

    I’ve made no secret of not being a fan of the Underfunded button taking the place of more instructive alerts and amounts. 

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    • Annieland interesting. I will see what happens. Worst case scenario, I can undo...I hope :)

  • scheduled transactions also impact underfunded.  I keep recurring transactions out there and sometimes if there is a variable transaction and i forget to update to the correct amount, i'll see underfunded items that don't make sense at first glance.

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      Herman  this catches me every do often too. I set a goal for the month but a scheduled transaction requires more than is available, so ynab prompts me for me. 

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