To Be Budgeted does not add up to my available balance

Hello all,

I just started using YNAB last month and am still figuring things out. I have money left over from last month, which I am working on assigning jobs to for June. Unfortunately, my To Be Budgeted amount does not reflect what is actually available in my checking account.

I have not given this money any 'jobs' yet, so I'm not sure why it's not showing in To Be Budgeted for June.

To Be Budgeted, Total Available, and my actual available balance in my bank are all wildly different amounts. Total Available and To Be Budgeted are also not adding up to = my bank account balance. 


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    So a useful thing to know is that YNAB doesn't get this wrong. It simply doesn't; it's a computer program. You can view the self audit steps to feel more confident in your numbers, but the audit isn't to check if it's right, it is to help you feel certain that it is right. It's right.  

    So then the question is, why do you think it doesn't match? 

    Here are the things which should match: 

    1. The cleared balance of each account should match the cleared balance at the bank for that account. /
    2. Your total available in the furthest month out you can reach should match the sum of all cash-based accounts + any credit based accounts with positive balances
    3. If you pay your credit cards in full, the card categories should match the card's working balance (although this is a budgeting operation, so your budget is still right even if this is not.) 

    The only way TBB would match what was in your checking account would be if you had absolutely nothing budgeted anywhere and your checking account is the only account you have. If that's not the case, but your accounts match the accounts at the bank, the budget is accurate and you can safely move money around as needed. 

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  • Hi, there! Welcome to YNAB! Glad you're giving it a try. :)

    If you'd like more help or clarification after walking through Wordpress's explanation, we're happy to provide some! You can reach our support team right from your budget and we can work with you so you feel super confident knowing how your money is showing up in your budget and trusting that you can give dollars jobs. 

  • As a user the only number I keep track of personally is the account balance in YNAB. If the YNAB balances reconcile with the actual bank balance then it’s right.  They can go out of whack if a transaction wasn’t added, or the cleared status changed. If the accounts reconcile and YNAB says I have a lot still to be budgeted, that’s the process working like it’s meant to 😀

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