YNAB allocates random number to credit card payment.

YNAB allocated a random number to one of my credit cards, I bought a new laptop on a credit card and when I entered the transaction then YNAB auto allocated $22 to the credit card payment, a new laptop is obvious more than that. I assumed it came out of which ever category I put it under. Weird thing is before I added it to that category it said I only had $11.29 available to spend, none of the existing transactions in that category adds up to $22 and there is only one other charge on that card from the previous month that is much higher than $22. It didn't add a payment amount automatically for that transaction, can't figure out why YNAB wants to allocate $22 has a payment to this card on it's own. Seems like a random number to me, any insights on better understanding how YNAB handles credit cards. I've read all the other forums and from what I understand it should reallocate the amount spent in that category.

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  • The "random" number is just what the math works out to be, and it frequently will not equal a single transaction. Another thing many don't realize is that YNAB will prioritize cash purchases within a category in a given month (even if they occur after credit transactions). I don't know if this has any bearing, but it's something to consider.

    Yes, ideally you would reallocate funds to cover the overspent category (even more ideal would be to reallocate in advance of the spending), but that assumes paying off that debt is more important to you than whatever category you might take from. (That may not always be the case.)

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