Flagging Categories to use Elizabeth Warren's System

I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Warren's system of Needs, Wants and Savings to maintain a healthy balance in your budget.  I also like the ability to categorize my budget in categories like Home, etc.  I'd like the ability to flag subcategories as Wants, Needs, or Savings so that I can run reports periodically to see them, but have my budget reflect more logical master categories.  


Is there any way to do this that doesn't involve creating Wants, Needs, and Savings on the Budget view?  

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  • Unfortunately no, but you can select to only report certain categories. So you could look at a report for only the categories you select as "Must haves,"  and then a report for only the categories you consider "Wants." 

    Note that Warren's "Savings" is always going to be a little problematic in YNAB reports because the reports only report spending, not budgeting. So unless you are sending the money out of the budget to a tracking account, which is not best practice, it won't show up as reportable. 

    I like this method a lot, also, and I usually do a short self-audit on it whenever I get a raise, change my taxes, or do anything that changes a major category (e.g. I just refinanced my house). Aside from that I use the regular categories. 

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