De-linking iPhone app from Dropbox (YNAB Classic)


My partner and I are breaking up, I'm keeping the YNAB budget. I need to know how to de-link YNAB on her phone from my Dropbox account. Dropbox doesn't have the phone listed in 'devices'.

Is it as simple as deleting the Ynab Classic app from the phone? Would that prevent it re-accessing my budget on Dropbox if the app is reinstalled at a later date?


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  • Normally you would have granted her Dropbox account permission to access the YNAB folder on your Dropbox account. It would be controlled by the sharing properties on the folder.

    Do you have separate Dropbox accounts or did you just give her your account credentials? 

    In the latter case, I believe deleting the app from her phone would suffice, but simply changing your Dropbox password would make sure.

    • dakinemaui good idea thanks, I'll try changing the password. I'm assuming I'll be able to enter the new password on my phone app once that's done? Or would I need to reinstall?

    • Khaki Griffin I'm not sure how the iOS app works. However, I would not expect those credentials to survive an uninstall.

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