Handling e-transfer used to pay credit card

Hi !

So I'm paying the family cellphone bill with my credit card every month, and each family member will pay me back through a bank transfer.

I then pay my credit card with their bank transfer.


So basically on my credit card I would see a $300.

In my checking account I will have an income of $300 (split in 5).

I will then take those 5 transfers, and pay the credit card.


YNAB sees those 5 transfers as money to be budgeted.


How would you go about handling this situation ? 

Thank you !

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  • Record the $300 the cell phone company charges you. Then inflow all 5 payments to the cell phone category. 

    the $300 should now be available in the credit card payments category. Transfer money from checking to the credit card 

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    • If the month changes between the outflow and reimbursements, I'd suggest budgeting for the entire $300 up front out of your funds, then the reimbursements will restore that cushion for the next payment.

  • Budget the incoming transfers to the cellphone bill instead of To Be Budgeted. Those are reimbursements not new income. See this article: https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/183-reimbursements

  • Personally I would split the outflow into several categories (yours and one for each person) so you can better track who has paid and who hasn't. This also consolidates other reimbursable purchases in their specific category.

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