I can finally breathe ...

Every single idea or thought related to my budget is down on “paper”. This app just makes sense and the videos, those on YouTube as well, are fantastic. I have a budget set up for upcoming  holidays, birthday and vacations and I know where I need to attack to see positive movement in my net worth. Seriously, a game changer! 

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  • I'm sure you already have but make sure to check out Nick tru on YouTube be absolutely amazing!

    • Greenpotato My personal favorite is YNAB's very own Hannah! Maybe not as detailed and in-depth, but very enjoyable and funny!

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      Greenpotato will do. Thanks for the info! 

  • Mandra B I love that the weight has been lifted off your shoulders! Finances can be stifling when they aren't organized. I hope the air is fresh where you are and that all those future budgeted plans go off without a hitch! :)

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  • Yes! I love how the budgeting is all so straightforward. It makes me feel like I'm finally in control? Like instead of constantly being scared of opening up my bank account balance. I also was reading about discretionary spending versus non-discretionary spending ( https://www.seniorfinanceadvisor.com/resources/discretionary-non-discretionary-spend ) and it also helped with my budget so that I can have some "fun money". IDK just having everything out like groceries, entertainment, fun money, whatever. But yes a total game changer!!

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  • Sea Green Clarinet said:
    It makes me feel like I'm finally in control? Like instead of constantly being scared of opening up my bank account balance.

    Feeling in control is the key here. It's all about changing your perspective.

    Even with comfortably large account balances, my wife and I used to feel tormented by the sense that we couldn't afford all the things we wanted/needed.

    Methodically "giving every dollar a job", we discovered we could actually afford a lot more than we originally guessed, as long as we gave ourselves realistic timelines for some of the longer-term / flexible spending goals. That felt pretty good.

    Yet there were still some things that didn't make the cut, and to our surprise, they didn't torment us anymore. Instead of being things we couldn't afford, we realized that they were actually things we didn't want. (Or at least, they were low enough on our priority list that we didn't want them very badly.)  Going from "can't have" to "don't want" put us back in control, and that feels great.

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