Question on Credit payment discrepancy.

I am new so forgive me if I am overlooking something... I have felt pretty overwhelmed getting started but feel like I'm really getting my brain wrapped around this tool - except on this count: 

  • Situation: I started using YNAB on the 3rd and am direct importing my accounts. I made full statement balance payments on Bonvoy and Delta, had a credit hit on Quicksilver on top of a full balance payment, and made a full balance payment on Prime.
  • Problem: YNAB has since accurately allocated budget for all the new spending I have done on all the cards EXCEPT for the difference between the statement balance and the total balance on my Bonvoy and Delta cards after the statement balance was paid. 

My question is - will that difference auto populate in the November budget or am I supposed to allocate budget for that in my October budget to let it roll into November? I am a little confused and hoping this is not a consistent problem. 

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Couple of questions.

    Did you budget for the full amount of your starting balances on those 2 cards or just for the payment amount?

    Did you notice that your Quicksilver has a positive balance? Your payment category should be zero.

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    • nolesrule thank you, you were correct. It did not occur to me that I need to budget the future payment <duh> or move those funds to TBB.  

  • Like nolerule asks, it's most likely an issue of not starting off with correct CC payment balances. If you have enough funds to pay off your credit cards and meet all other obligations then your payment balances should look like this (currently, only Prime CC is correct for a paid-in-full CC so I won't include it here):

    • Bonvoy CC: $663.50
    • Delta CC: $1357.03
    • QuickSilver CC: $0

    You need to move funds around to make this the case. If you can't do this, then your CCs are not PIF which is different that being able to pay the full statement balance. PIF in this case means you have the funds set aside at all times to pay the full balance even though one smartly only pays the statement balance.

    So, action items:

    • Move $120 out of the QuickSilver CC payment category (and into To be Budgeted)
    • Move $643.72 into Bonvoy CC payment category (might need to reduce other categories to free up funds)
    • Move $541.01 into Delta CC
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    • Superbone I just slapped my forehead. Thank you for helping to clear that up for me! 

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      How do you do fellow kids No worries. You're new so it's expected. Keep asking questions. This is probably the number one issue that new users run into. We see this very often.

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