YNAB importing "Pending" transactions as posted transactions

My YNAB seems to have started importing what are listed as pending transactions on my TD VISA as standard transactions into YNAB.  This creates a double posting for these transactions when the item changes from pending to posted on the credit card site.

I can't help think that this has something to do with the new pending transactions feature.  Is there any way to correct this?  It's extremely tedious to have to hunt for each individual duplicate and delete one by one.  Previously this was not an issue and my CC would only import posted transactions.

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  • Usually they announce the rollout on here before doing it in small batches, so it could be unrelated. You should email support directly and have them look into that connection. I have one credit card that imports pending transactions as if they were posted as well, and I have never been a part of the beta testing for the new feature. I feel like it's more likely a problem with that connection and the way they pull transactions from that bank.

  • Hey Maroon Nomad ! Tobias is spot on here.

    It doesn't look like your account has the Pending Transactions feature just yet, so this sounds like a connection issue—and we can definitely help! When you have a moment, can you report it here? That will allow us to collect a few details, and our import team will be happy to investigate! 

    As for pending, Tobias the Pending Transaction announcement just went up here. 😄 Our importing team can help with that credit card too!

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