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So, I have a fake budget I use to show people how YNAB works, if they're interested.

I set it up with scheduled transactions for most everything so that it can show a picture of what using YNAB looks like, whenever I need it, with little upkeep.  This includes credit cards.

I've had it for about a 1.5 years or so, and I periodically (every 6 months, or sooner, if someone is interested) go in to approve/clear the transactions, and then go through each month and budget the underfunded.

However, I don't understand why (let's focus on May, because that's current, and we don't have to think about past issues) my now-budgeted categories do not send their money to the CC. 


I just realized my CC balance was going positive with the "statement balance" I was sending.  I just went and changed those numbers and it's all good now!

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  • I thought about deleting this, but there's about .3% chance someone may find it interesting, so it stays.

    The thing that really got me confused was that my "budgeted spending" numbers weren't matching my "cc spending" numbers.

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  • Since there's about a 0.2% someone may read this far 🙂, I'll add the thought I was going to post but didn't when I saw your edit.

    Yep, a positive CC is essentially a debit card tied to another checking account. Purchases don't have to be paid off.

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  • I read all the way. :)

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