Problem with split transaction

Hi - I tried the split transaction for the first time and I'm stuck.  The full amount was $210.62.  I split into two parts:  $200.63 and $9.99.    These add up to the total, but I am getting a message saying they don't add up.  I verified that the transaction is entered as $210.62.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks!  See image.  

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    Hi, the image isn't showing up entirely but if the total Outflow was 210.62 that would go on the first row (you have 200.63 which isn't correct) then you can categorise each transaction on the following rows: 200.63 from X Category and 9.99 from Y category.  You can also add different Payees if you need to.


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  • You need to enter $210.62 on the first line. 

    then choose the category groceries for the first split and put the amount there. 

    then choose the second category and enter the amount for that category. 

    then save the transaction 

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  • In addition to what others have said, the other thing to note Khaki Network  is that $200.63 and $9.99 as you mentioned above adds up to $210.92 not $210.62. 

  • Superbone said:
    Huh? Since when?

     Maybe it's Common Core math...

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      Bruce Heh. I was thinking New Math. 😉

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