UGGGG...this is my 20th attempt at YNAB and I don't understand!

First I must apologize. I just don't get this stuff. But I really want to understand YNAB and how to set up a budget. So I added all of our checking and savings accounts and our two credit card accounts. Now the total that I have to budget INCLUDES the credit card balance. So it appears that I have $5500 more money to budget than I actually have in my money accounts. What is going on? Why the weird gymnastics? Did I do something wrong? This is why I always lose faith in this program....please help. 

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  • This will be the case if your CC account balance is positive. If you actually owe in the real world, the starting balance transaction in YNAB is incorrect. Hint: the amount should be in the Outflow column.

    I don't know if you imported or entered things manually, but it doesn't really matter why. Edit the starting balance transaction to be an outflow.

    • dakinemaui dakinemaui it is in outflow. I tried to enter it both ways...importing and manually. Both credit card balances are in the outflow column and the balance showed in the Accounts is correct. But the amount to budget includes all positive balances from checking & savings plus the balances from the credit cards. Did I toggle something incorrectly? I also asked to wait to decide whether or not to set a goal or pay of the total balance. I just don't understand why my credit card balances are being included in my money to Budget. :(

    • Gold Wildebeest Debt on a credit card is definitely not part of the money in the budget. If TBB is greater than your checking and savings accounts combined, something else is causing that. Do you have any categories that are red?

  • When you first start ynab includes all your cash based accounts in to be budgeted.  If 5500 of that is to pay your credit card, you have to budget it to the CC payment category. 

  • Hey Gold Wildebeest ! I’m glad that you reached out. We're happy to help get you up & running!

    The dollars included in To be Budgeted are from your cash-based Budget accounts: checking, savings, cash, and positive balances on credit cards. Do you have any closed accounts with a balance? If you're using an older budget, maybe there is one you forgot about. You can expand the Closed section in the left column to double check!

    This article has steps to check that the cash in your accounts matches the cash in your budget. If that doesn't match up, I'd be happy to look closer! You can enable Support Access and let me know the name of your budget. We can continue here, or via email if you'd prefer. 🙂

    • Gold Wildebeest We have some newer resources too, that you might not have seen before! The YNAB Video Course will walk you through the set-up. Watch each part, or focus in on the areas where you need a refresher! And the Ultimate Get Started Guide covers similar steps, but written out.

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