Can I connect to PayPal Credit?

I feel like in the past I was able to link my PayPal Credit account for direct import -- is this no longer possible, or am I just not doing it right? I don't see an option for PayPal Credit as a connection.

I know that my account is issued by Synchrony Bank but I can only access it via the PayPal website as far as I know.

Not a huge deal, it's just that I have every other account connected and working fine except this one! The perfectionist in me wants that check mark next to the account.

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  • I have that credit card and no, it doesn't link to YNAB, unfortunately.  It's a bummer, but it is what it is.

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  • Hi Powder Blue Mask !

    Unfortunately, PayPal does not play nicely with direct import. I have a few different accounts through them and update using File-Based Importing for one and manual entry for the other. PayPal does make downloading the file easy (when viewing transactions, select Export and choose the "Quicken" option). 

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      Faness I forgot about direct import!  I used to only have that option back when I first used YNAB3, but I got so spoiled with direct import.

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    • PhysicsGal Direct import is a Great option (when it's available), but manual/file-based entry is second nature to me now. 😆

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