Minimum category balance goal?

TLDR; How do I set a category balance goal that turns amber if I go below that balance (without having to constantly reset the goal date)?

I want buffer out at least a month in every category, which was easy in YNAB4 using the “next month” feature, but I’m having to use what seems like a workaround in the current version to make it work.

Basically I have a Target Balance goal for each month equivalent to the amount I want to stay buffered in that category. Then I set the goal date to the current month so that it automatically turns yellow when the category balance goes below my target balance.

This works fine except for the fact that I have to go into each category at the beginning of each month and manually reset the goal date to the current month. If I don’t do this the category stays green until it runs out of money, which seems to run counter to the basic philosophy of YNAB.

Is there a different way this is supposed to be handled in the current version? Any thoughts?

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  • Create your own Income Next Month category and store the money there. Don't put it in a spending category in the current month because then you can't use your category balance for spending guidance

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      nolesrule Well... that works pretty darn well. I just made that change. Much more transparent. Thank you for the advice and explanation!

  • Green Cup said:
    Is there a different way this is supposed to be handled in the current version?

    Yes. Keep next month's money in a holding category until you have received it all instead of scattered in various categories.

    It's identical to YNAB4, except with a manual release of funds from the holding category.

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      dakinemaui Thank you. That worked great.

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