Tracking investment assets

I invest my savings in mutual funds as many of you do. I have four main buckets. One for my monthly expenses, other with my emergency fund, another for life goals, and the last one for retirement. 

My budget has different categories to account for those monthly expenses. Additionally, I have a category with my emergency fund, another for the money that goes to life goals, and another one for retirement.

Life goals and retirement have two separate accounts as they are invested in mutual funds. Retirement funds are mostly stock funds, and life goals are bonds and money market funds for the most part.

Every month, I like to reflect on YNAB the value of my assets. It's well known, that YNAB doesn't have a portfolio tracking functionality, so I do a workaround that I'd like to share. Let's say that my portfolio value is $15000, and the portfolio account in YNAB only reflects $14000. So what I do is to reconcile the account, and then change the Payee to "Market" and assign the reconciled amount to the corresponding category if the account is a tracking account (for my, Life Goals is a tracking account, Retirement is not).

The thing that I like about this method, is that I can filter by Market and know how much value my portfolio has gained or lost over time.

I hope, somebody finds this useful.



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