Wedding Budget

I have created a separate budget for my daughters wedding, how do I fund that budget?  

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  • I'm assuming the account or accounts that will pay for the wedding are already on your regular budget?

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  • Set up the wedding as its own category group within your regular budget.

    Unless you plan on setting up an independent checking account (and possibly savings account and credit card) that are isolated from your regular budget, having a separate budget will be difficult to impossible to maintain.

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    • nolesrule That was the issue I was trying to get around.  Thank you!

  • Here's one way (it turned out to be a pain but it was the best way I could think of at the time)...I created a new budget for a BIG vacation because I wanted the detail to guide my spending leading up to and during the vacation but I didn't want to clutter up my main budget. (Fake names and numbers going forward) In my main budget I had a category 'May Vacation' with $15,000 in it. I made a new budget called 'African Adventure' with different category groups for each country and MANY categories. In the new budget I added a checking account (unlinked, not a real bank account) and the starting balance was $15,000, the amount available in the 'May Vacation' category. ALL transactions in the 'African Adventure' budget were cash transactions and they had to be entered and/or approved a second time in the the main budget, categorized to "May Vacation' and debiting the actual payment method. Now, like nolesrule recommends, I just make a new category group for the event and hide it when it's over. MUCH cleaner. Congrats on the wedding!

    • Owlette I like that! Thanks for the help. 

  • Jackie Lindsey A new category group in your regular budget will be great for this. Congratulations!

    This blog post has an example of how the Wedding category group will look! It's written with the bride-to-be in mind, but applies here too. 😄

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