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I did a search for this topic but returned nothing.

I'm a HUGE fan of using a calendar to plan my time, activities and events.  The only thing that's missing is having all of my scheduled transactions from my YNAB Budget on my calendar to help with planning money moves etc.

Before I go manually adding these, are there plans to implement iCal or similar as a feature or does anyone have a tip or trick for doing same with the current setup?

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  • I don't know of any plans to add it. It's the sort of thing that users with programming skills can do using the YNAB API though, so it may be worth searching online for any tools that do what you want.

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    • DexterCat This is a great suggestion! I did some searching to see if there was one available. It doesn't exist because... adding future-dated scheduled transactions via the API isn't possible yet.

      I know there is interest from our community of API developers! Our team regularly reviews feature requests for new additions and changes. Any changes on that front will be mentioned in our Release Notes.

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  • Hey QC ! This is a neat idea. I built my very first budget based on my Bills calendar. 😂

    Adding repeating Scheduled Transactions is how you'll enter those in YNAB. After the initial set-up, that should save you time in the future—and if dates change, they're a quick edit away.

    It's not in our plans at the moment to build a calendar integration. Our Product team would love to hear about your idea, though!

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