transfer_transaction_id null on transfer coming from splits?


So I'm calling `GET /budgets/{budget_id}` using delta requests to get whatever was changed, and it's been working great.

Not so great regarding split transactions that include transfers, though.

So here's how it goes:

  • I record a split transaction on my checking account, where half of it goes to a category and the other half is a transfer to another account.
  • When I make the API call afterwards, I get:
    • Two transactions:
      • The main transaction I recorded (the split)
      • A transfer transaction on the other account, with `transfer_account_id` set to my checking account
    • And two SUBtransactions of the main split:
      • One with a category_id
      • One with `transfer_account_id` set to the other account

Everything seems great, except neither of the transfers has a `transfer_transaction_id` pointing to the other one, so it seems there's no way I can find one from the other.

Is that expected behavior? Is there another way I can get from one end of a transfer to the other without them pointing at each other? I'd like to keep away from guessing using dates and amounts, if possible.



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  • Hey there! We spent a bit of time trying to reproduce what you're seeing here and everything seems to be working correctly as far as we can see. Our transfer sub-splits do have a transfer_transaction_id. There might be something different about your workflow though, or potentially a bug. If you'd like us to dig in further, it might be best if you wrote in to Support at [email protected] and we can take things from there!

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