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So long story short Im trying fwt my food spending under control. I rely on eating out way too much and when i do cook its not really cooking its putting a premade frozen dish in the oven.  So I want to start meal planning but am having a problem finding a good app for ir on Android. It seems an app is either good at meal planning but I have to supply my own recipes, of which i have none,  or it is a greasy tool to search for recipes online but doesn't really offer any planning features.  Is the anything that does both or am I stuck having to use two different apps for each task and manually moving recipes from one to the other?

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  • Hi, I'm using Eat This Much for meal planning. It provides you with recipes and meal plans and is highly customizable. Maybe it's worth checking out?

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    Many YNABers swear by Plan to Eat. They run sales periodically throughout the year on their subscriptions and I believe they also have a trial. 

    I use one of the recipe apps, Paprika. I subscribe to several food blogs and I can push recipes to Paprika from the web browser on my iPad as I read them and think they look good. Then, when I want to plan, I sort them by protein and pick the ones I’d like to try that week/month. It’s more work, but it’s free. 

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  • Hi Coral Battery !

    We actually did a blog post on this - Want To Slash Your Grocery Bill? There are three apps mentioned in the blog post with an overview of how they work. I hope it helps. :)

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  • I use Plan to Eat. Every year around Black Friday they do a 50% off membership for new and current members. It works for me. You can grab recipes from websites and blogs and it will import it in to your recipes. Once you import it, you can tweak the recipes, tag them for easy searching, or add notes. You can choose to make your recipes private or share with other members. There are some recipes already there from other members that have shared their recipes. You can also manually enter recipes. It has a meal planner and will create a grocery list for you based on what you planned. You can tweak or add to the grocery list. During planning you can adjust the serving size of the recipe which will adjust the grocery list as well. There is an app for your phone too. They have a 30 day free trial if you want to try it out.  I haven't used any of the other meal planners so I can't speak to them.

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  • My biggest problem is according the internet looking for recipes does not sound like my idea of fun. Ive discovered yummly to discover recipes then i can click view directions then from the menu share to paprika then from paprika download the recipe into its repositiry to user for meal planning and prep.

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     I was using There is a cost to the service, but at the time it was worth it. Not every week was great, overall it was good. The basic idea is you tell them your family size and if you eat meat or not, they search the store ads, create a menu, and send you out to 1 store to buy everything. Then their menu has a lot of reuse, like you cook all of the meat on Monday, but only use half, then you cook all of something else on Tuesday, but only use half, come Thursday you use both those halves in the main dish. The upside is you are usually buying veggies in season (that's when they are cheaper) and most things on sale. The downside is if you don't like a single meal, it is hard to switch it out because of how related all the meals are. We found some favorite receipts we still do from them and some we will never do again.

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