Is there a quick way to transfer percentages from categories?

Each YNAB cycle I find myself using windows calculator when transfering money between categories.

This is very useful if you try to save a % each month, or if you have a category which is a % of another one. But i havent found a way to do it quickly in YNAB.

I noticed you have the calculator when budgeting but not when transferring money between accounts/categories. How do you guys manage setting a percentage aside for savings and other things?

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  • I've never tried to move a percentage of one category, but I do find myself using a calculator to figure out how much to move when using the Move Money tool to transfer money from one category to another.

    I'm not exactly sure why you would want one category to be a percentage of another, so I can't help with that particular use case. I have heard of people trying to budget a set percentage of their income toward certain categories or groups of categories. If I were to do that, I would figure out the percentage based on my average income and set a monthly goal for that dollar amount.

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  • I don't do percentages, because my priorities take what they take. I quickly found that the general "finance" rules of thumb like "save X percent" don't apply, because EVERYTHING IS SAVINGS in YNAB. Might be saved for 2 days or it might be 2 years, but it's saved until I spend it. (Money for retirement isn't even in YNAB.)

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  • My situation is a bit complex.

    I have a very variable source of income which is actually not all profit.

    I use a quick rule and say 30% of all TBB is clean earnings and put it in one category.

    The other 70% goes to another category.

    After all that, I take 10% of my clean earnings and move it to a savings category.

    Thats a quick example of what I'm doing at the moment.

    I can't set a target goal because i don't have a fixed income. That's the reason percentages are the way to go here. And there are a lot of other calculations i do on a daily basis similar to these.

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      RaptorX 10% of 30% is 3%. So you could calculate 27% Clean Earnings, 3% Savings, 70% Other, instead of having to move something out of a category. Once you have each category broken down like that you can add the % to the category name so you have an easy reference.

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  • An additional topic to consider is using a deferred income (DI) category to deal with your variable income. You target your budget at your average income level. When actual income is higher, you put the "excess" in the DI category. When actual income is lower, you move the difference from the DI category into TBB.

    Your effective income (as far as the budgeting process is concerned) is then constant. I've found it to greatly simplify my variable income situation.

    You would then work directly with dollars, which is convenient as expenses work in dollars. 

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