Feature Request: Manual Trigger Account Refresh

Only syncing twice a day is unacceptable!

I am quite disappointed that I have to make this request but here it is. There MUST be a feature which allows me to synchronize all of my accounts on the press of a button. I came from Mint and the refresh happens every time I start a new session. Having the accounts refresh only twice a day is just unacceptable. Without this feature, I cannot suggest this app to anyone.

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  • Why do you think it needs to be imported more often?

    You seem to be someone who wants the latest information, which will always be had via manual entry.

  • Hi Cornflower Blue Foal ! 

    We do use a different import partner than Mint. All of Mint's aggregation is handled by Intuit, who owns them and only provides aggregation services for their own products. 

    We're also on a less frequent import schedule than them. We check for transactions once every morning and when you access the app if we haven't imported within the last 8 hours.  We've narrowed that down from 12, but won't stop looking for ways to improve! Many banks also limit connection attempts within a certain time period, so too many (like clicking a button) could get you locked out of your account. We don't want that either!

    Awareness of spending is a big part of why YNAB works and we're totally unique in that our method leans more heavily on active engagement. That means entering transactions as you spend plays a big role in that. 

    Using that in conjunction with direct import (for filling in where you may have missed), is what we had in mind when we introduced the feature. We know a lot of users rely on it quite a bit, so we’re always re-evaluating and exploring options based on feedback and customer research.

    You can let our product team know this feature is important to you by submitting a Feature Request. Thank you so much!

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  • Since ynab does not import pending transactions, once a day is really enough. Most financial institutions only post over night. 

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    Another vote for not so often.  Twice a day is all I want to have my accounts accessed, by anyone.  

    At some point I found out how many hits my banks received in a day.  It took a minute to realize the daily checks were from YNAB.   I don't need, or want, instant updates.  I enter my transactions and that keeps my budget up to day.  Checking in with my bank daily is good enough for me.  

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      I would actually like it to be on demand only.  Then limit it to a couple of times.  No automatic checks at all. MsTJ   I think you are on to something!

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  • I just submitted an ER for this. -- I think it's fine to allow the user to force a manual fresh if the previous refresh was more than 8 hours ago.. -- As I put in my ER, it would allow me better control over when the data comes in, so I can deal with things when I have time to look (i.e. in the morning).

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  • Found this topic because my app says "Connection Good: Last update 3 days ago" 

    A manual update in this case would be great!

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    • Githyanki Yeah, mine hasn't updated for two days. I've tried opening it on the web browser and in the mobile app, and I've manually added some transactions in that time (which sometimes seems to wake it up and remind it to refresh) but still nothing.

    • Hi Githyanki and Slate Blue Admiral !

      We ran into a bit of trouble with the New Year's Day traffic yesterday and direct import has been delayed because of it. You should see transactions import daily, but if you're still having trouble please use this form to report a Bank Importing Issue.

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