Transaction screen column sizing issues

The column widths on the account transactions screen are wacky, and while all the middle colums cannot be resized, the outer columns, which need the least space, are the largest and won't resize. I tried using the submit a bug link on the right, but that (inexplicably) requires a Google account, so I cannot submit that.

I attached a screenshot to show what I mean, the red circles show the columns that I can't resize.  This occurs when viewing "All Accounts". When viewing a specific account the columns are sized correctly, though the same two columns are not resizable.

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  • Hey Navy Blue Foal ! It looks like you're using the YNAB Toolkit. If you disable the extension, does that make a difference here?

    I've reached out via email, so we can get you in touch with our bug squashing team. I'll also dig into the issue with the form. Thank you so much for letting us know!

  • Appears to be fixed now with no changes on my end...

    But I am sure it wasn't related to my browser or any extensions because it only affected the all accounts listing page and not account specific pages.

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      Navy Blue Foal I have a lot of issues with UI widgets locking up and a refresh fixes them for a while. Could be something like that. 

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    • Navy Blue Foal I'm happy you were able to get things ironed out! Since it went away on it's own, it sounds like it's an issue with the browser or an add-on. I listed some steps below you can try to confirm, but if that pops up again and you're seeing the issue in an incognito window, please let us know!

    • Faness always passing the blame instead of accepting you guys screwed up and fixed it.

    • Navy Blue Foal Our development team is pretty amazing, but I didn't notice any updates go out yesterday. I'd be more than happy to give them the credit, but I don't think it was us. If you think there's a bug on our end, please submit a Bug Report so our bug squashers can dig in (they have a bit more insight to bugs than I do). :)

    • Faness Well nothing changed on my end. nd it;s clear it was an issue from your end anyway so there really isn;t another explaination.


      Also, as I mentioned in my OP the bug report function REQUIRES a Google Account...not cool.

    • Navy Blue Foal Sorry about that! We'll be making a few changes to the Bug Report in the future to make it easier to use. In the meantime, please report any bugs directly through the app. If we have messed up somewhere, we want to make sure it gets reported so we can get things fixed.

    • Faness really a moot point now as this has been fixed...mysteriously.

  • I've been having the exact same issue.  Refresh does not fix it.  It's new behavior (last day or two)

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    • Hi Tan Wildebeest !

      Sorry for the trouble! 

      Let’s first have you try a few things—be sure to follow the links for instructions on how to accomplish each one if needed.

      First, try to use YNAB in another browser or a private window. Do you still see the issue? If not, you’ll want to go ahead and clear your cookies and cache (here are instructions for ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Edge—note that Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser). So that you know, you will lose certain information that your browser remembers, so you may have to reset logins, etc.

      If that doesn’t fix things, it usually means that a browser extension is causing problems. If you use any, go ahead and turn them off one at a time until you figure out which one is causing the problem. We’d love to know which one it is so that we can look into it. You can also contact the extension developer to let them know it caused this problem.

      If none of that works, the above steps will help narrow things down a bit, so thanks for giving them a try! :)

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