What is the best way for me to handle this situation when the transaction dates for a credit card payment differ between checking account?

Hello there, I am new YNAB, and am already learning a lot. I am having some trouble with the best way to get my credit card balance to be correct.

Here is the situation

1. I linked my Chase Amazon credit card with a positive "Starting Balance" of $11.92 on 01/02/2020

2. On my linked Schwab checking account, a transaction for $129.96 comes in with the date of 01/02/2020. This was a payment I made to the Chase Amazon on 12/31/2019, but it is only now leaving my checking account on 01/02/2020. I reviewed this transaction on YNAB and marked it as approved.

3. When I click on my Chase Amazon card in YNAB, I see that the payment was automatically added as inflow.



The problem

The issue I am having is my Chase Amazon "Starting Balance" of $11.92 had already accounted for the $129.96 payment that was made on 12/31/2019.


YNAB however does not know about the $129.96 payment on the card because it was made in the prior month.

When I approved the credit card payment in YNAB in my checking account, it was automatically added as "inflow" to my Chase Amazon card, so now $129.96 is being double counted, and my balance shows as $141.88, which does not match the credit card bank.

What is the best way for me to handle this situation with the transaction dates for a credit card payment differ between checking account and credit card account, resulting in double counting?


Options I'm considering

1. Change the "Starting Balance" on my Chase Amazon card from Inflow: $11.92 to Outflow: $118.04. This gets the balance on my Chase Amazon card account to be create.


2. Do a manual adjustment and enter 11.92 in the "Today's Balance" field.  This causes another transaction to appear in the ledger.


3. Backdate of the credit card payment in the ledger to 12/31/2019 so that it matches what I see in Chase. (I tried this and it did not nothing to the balance. It made the date correct for my Chase Amazon Account, but because it is a linked payment on my Schwab Account, the date changed there also, and no longer matches the bank!)


Any tips on how I should handle this? Thanks in advanced.

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