"burning a hole in my pocket"

I am SO happy to have started using YNAB and I feel like it's going to really help me deal with some lifelong bad spending habits. When I was a kid, I remember my mom saying "Alison's allowance is burning a hole in her pocket" - because I would always spend my allowance so quickly. (In fact, there were even times as a child when I borrowed against my upcoming allowance, presaging my future problems with credit card debt.)

And I realized something interesting today when I got paid for some work and immediately budgeted the inflow: doing this satisfies the same impulse I always had to spend that money that was burning a hole in my pocket! But crucially, instead of actually spending the money right away, I'm instead just planning where those dollars will be going. So much better!

Another win is that by keeping with approving transactions and keeping an eye on what I have in different categories in my budget, I'm just making much more conscious choices about how I'm spending my money. I think it's very similar to keeping a food diary when trying to eat better - the simple act of recording everything makes one much more likely to make healthier choices.

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