Cele-Brag on My "2020 YNAB ReHab & Recovery Parade"

Oh MYYYYY, do I look HOT in this BRAG!!!!

Yes, this is a topic about BRAGGING wins in YNAB, because YNOT? I will brag and I hope you all will join in with your own, then turn to your partner and ask for theirs and spread the infectious money-love wins like peanut butter! Lets roll around in the joy and keep the brags going.

  1. Successfully picked up my old, stale budget that sat waiting for me in YNAB for over a year and said "Let's dance!" 
  2. Said tango-partner of a budget is now UP TO DATE!
  3. My hot pile of money is 4 days old (and can already walk!)
  4. Got all my debts loaded up and shiny in the budget, and they actually look cute with structured pay-down goals.
  5. I got an opportunity to pay off a $1400 debt for $1039 at the end of December, and since I had the cash sitting in the emergency fund with room to spare, I took that deal and feel really superior right now. Picture me rolling around in the 26% savings pile!
  6. Started listening to the YNAB podcasts, in ascending order, on Dec 5th and am now on #248. 

Who's in on a race to finish all the podcasts????

And now if you would, my YNAB tango partners, please do BRAG yourself up in the comments!

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  • AthenaTheMusician said:
    Who's in on a race to finish all the podcasts????

    I win, I've listened to all of them. 😎But I cheated and listened from the beginning as each one came out as I wasn't aware that there was going to be a race.

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    Thank you for starting this thread AthenaTheMusician I always enjoy talking about how YNAB has changed my life.  

    When I came to YNAB I was worried I would have to walk away from what I had (real estate highly mortgaged) and maybe even file for bankruptcy.  

    Today, about 5 years later, no change in income, I'm paying a little extra to my mortgages monthly, have a good sized emergency fund, and am saving a bunch every month.  Have reached many goals and have more fun money available than ever before.  

    The change?  Paying attention to what I spend on what.  Decided I was blowing too much on wants when I really wanted to save for my goals instead.  How?  YNAB method and the budget.  

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