Easiest Way To Consolidate Amazon Transactions

I made an Amazon order from a number of different sellers today, which usually appears as multiple transactions (as each seller ships). This approach gives me a single transaction on my CC:

  1. Copy the final total on the checkout page (call it $X) before the final confirmation
  2. In a secondary tab or window, go to My Account | Gift Cards | Reload Balance, specify $X
  3. Refresh the main checkout page, specify the Gift Card Balance in the Payment Options, and confirm the purchase

If you're frazzled by Amazon orders being broken up, give it a try!

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  • If this is something that comes up alot and if all your Amazon transactions go to one category anyway you could have a PIF card just for Amazon. Dont track the card in YNAB and set it up for auto pay in full each month then all your amazon transactions are combined into one transaction when the payment comes though.

    • Navy Blue Foal The lack of spending guidance introduced by the delay is likely prohibitive for most people. (It certainly would be for me.)

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      • Annieland
      • I was told there would be no math.
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      Navy Blue Foal Heh you find me one person whose Amazon purchases are all in a single category for a month (or more).

      Thankfully, I don’t have the problem of impulse one-click Amazon shopping (dynamic pricing kills that for me), but my purchases definitely span at least 10 of my most oft used categories.

      The gift card account idea sounds interesting.  I’d just have to make sure I still get my 5% Amazon CC rewards, and it looks like I can.  

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    • Annieland   I have both the Amazon Store card and the Amazon Chase Visa (I think that's what it's called).  I should get rid of one.  But do you use one of those two to get the 5% when reloading the gift card ? 

    • Bucky Badger I have the Amazon Prime store card (only usable at Amazon and online retailers accepting Amazon Pay). Reloading the gift balance still gives 5%. My impression was the Chase Visa doesn't give 5%, but the tradeoff is that it can be used anywhere. (Check your terms to be sure.)

    • dakinemaui The Amazon Chase Visa gives you 5% on everything you purchase either at Amazon or Whole Foods. Then you get 2% on restaurants, gas stations and drugstores. Then 1% on everything else.

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  • Hmm. There are no coincidences. Just last night I reactivated my AZ Gift Card, and have been muddling over how to use it, to get the best features. This might have come right in time. Thanks.

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