Former YNAB4 user, missing 'Budget For Next Month' feature

Just migrated to the new YNAB after using YNAB4 since 2013. Everything has been going smoothly so far, but I'm feeling lost without the 'Budget For Next Month' feature. I get why it has been shied away from, however, I used to use whatever money was left over from a month and put it in my Emergency Fund, as savings, to be used for, well, emergencies, while the income earned for a month was sent to the next month to be used. Meaning I was always a month ahead, and I was still able to save. I liked keeping the money separate. Is there a way to go around this without manually counting how much money came in for a month?

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  • This has been discussed here many times. The current work around involves putting the money into a holding category when it comes in and taking it out when you've collected all your income for next month and budget it.

    Some people even have the income automatically assigned to that category and just reassign it back to TBB with a mass transaction edit at the end of the month.

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  • As a YNAB 4 user, the new YNAB just doesn't tick the right boxes for me and I'll tell you why...


    Formerly, the program was pay for once, and you're done. Now it's recurring. Why is this an issue? Recurring expenses are FAR more costly into retirement versus a single expense. Every recurring expense is a drag on my portfolio. I can purchase something expensive when my portfolio is up, but a subscription costs me money even when it's down. Therefore you need to save FAR more money earlier in your life to fund the continual expense later. No bueno for a program that's supposed to be designed to help you save/manage money.

    Issues regarding functionality are prevalent despite the vastly increased cost of the program. A user JUST posted how disappointed they were in how unreliable direct import was even with their large banks. The YNAB support response was "Yep, we know, we see it too!" Wow, thanks.

    Proven good YNAB4 philosophy was tossed by the wayside. Budgeting on last months income, and walled months are POWERFUL psychological tools in the budget due to the nature of how most people's lives run. The un-walled budget philosophy is extremely disconcerting for many people and that feeling doesn't seem to be going away. If there was a way to toggle the budget to the old GUI/philosophy that would be a huge benefit to the classic users. But that extremely asked for request has been meet with the cold shoulder and users have been told that it will never happen. Too bad, so sad.

    Continual improvements? Or continual disprovements? With web based or SaaS programs, you are at the mercy of the developer's whims. New update break the program on your hardware? (see the recent Apple announcement; a third party fix is already out yet the program remains unusable stock)... you're outta luck! New design not working for you (see the recent color-blind update that completely broke usability for many), outta luck! With a standard non-web/SaaS program, you don't have to update, and generally what is working now, keeps working. You aren't forced along with changes you don't want.


    There is more, but it feels like beating a dead horse at this point. 

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