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Ok I understand this may be a bit of a dumb question but I want to be a thorough as I can about my debt pay off.  After being in a car accident, the bills came in, healing was long, money was low and life took over.  Oh yeah and depression from the above took over.  With that being said, my family finances spiraled out of control and a lot of debt piled up.  original creditors sold off the debt multiple times and now I can't straighten out what is due and not.  I was thinking the best thing to do was to run a credit report, prioritize the debt pay off and call the creditors to negotiate pay-offs.  Am I missing anything if I do it that way or is there a better method to tackling this?  

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  • Sounds like a plan for credit accounts you opened and a list of accounts in collections. I'd suggest getting all three agency's reports. You can get two of them thru For medical bills, your health insurance provider may have a list of who you owe. My provider just added that feature to their site. For other amounts owed (not credit, not in collections, and not medical), I can't think of anything but contacting each business and asking if you owe. I had a disorganized year once and had to do that.

  • You can get all three major reports via

    It's free once a year!

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  • Thank you!!  So I do have so I get my reports from there.  Now here is my next question....I heard that when paying off debt you focus on the active accounts first and pay off the accounts with collection companies and charge offs last.  Is that true?

  • Yeah I'm gonna find a professional.  There are so many factors to this so I would rather do it right .  Thanks everyone for your input!!

  • Any updates LittleBetty ?

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